Cheap Bulletproof Vests
Cheap Bulletproof Vests- Does the Price Determines the Quality?

Some says buying expensive bullet proof vests is better than buying cheap bulletproof vests. They say this because they believe on the common belief that the cheaper the product is, the lower its quality. However, this belief has been proven wrong several times. There are actually things that you can buy at a cheaper price with the same quality as that of the expensive ones. The book, for example, can be cheaper at some book stores, and more expensive at some. However, they are still books. This principle can be applied as well when buying clothing. Clothes that are made up of low quality materials are indeed very affordable. But, there are some branded clothes as well that are affordable because of discounts, clearance sales and other reasons of the dealer.

The same case applies in cheap bulletproof vests. The cheap body armors are not always made up of low quality materials. They are not always the ones with lower quality. In conclusion, the price is not always the basis in determining the quality of the bullet proof body armor. It does not always mean that because the body armor that he bought is cheaper, it has already a low quality. The materials used and the design of the cheap bulletproof vests are the basis of its quality. If the materials used are not strong and durable enough, the bullet can penetrate through it, and it may fail to protect the person from bullet shots and blunt trauma. If the design of the bullet proof is a failure too, it will also cause discomfort to the user. If both the materials and the design are failures, the worst can happen in the future. The bullet proof vest may not be able to protect the wearer. With this being said, it is not always good to base the quality of the cheap bulletproof vests on its price.